Web 2.0 Ajax for Office

The first thing I wanna tell u, ..If u lose ur MS.Word.. what do u choice? My answer is: Zohowriter.com, rallypointhq.com, writerboard.com, writely.com

They r ur assistant office for U and for me.  U can EXPORT with .doc, .sxw, .pdf, .txt……. , u can share it with SHARE, and finally thing is u can PUBLISH TO BLOG but with no hindrance.

Second, if u lose ur Excel, what’s you think? Maybe…Zohosheet.com is the first choice of mine. I don’t wanna tell more about it, becoz I know u will login with enjoyable and logout with joyful when u hv finished ur work. This is a gift 4 u: irows.com, ajaxxls.com, editgrid.com

By the way, thinkfree.com is brothers of PowerPoint which I know. It is very simple skin and more effect for u. U can consult here: thumbstacks.com, zohoshow.com, empressr.com

And, what’s replace “the old Access”? Oh my god, I’m going to use zohocreator.com 4ever if I can.  It seemed pass to cross overcome Access much with new tools. And… myowndb.com, lazybase.com is the same thing.

… er… what’s any else? … ah, I remembered! Hey, u enter gliffy.com, then u can draw diagram about computer or… everything u want. There are 3 scheme for ur choice: Flow Chart, Network, User interface and Floorplan. OK… continue, u drag symbols and draw diagram which u want. That’s simple and smoothly. Sure! Ah, I know the same: ajaxsketch.com, imaginationcubed.com

Finally, if I don’t tell u about it, I will not happy. Becoz I pleasure in it. That’s cl1p.net. Ok.. now, do u know it? ,,, ok. I’m tired and fell sleepy. Sorry.. but I don’t stand my sleepy. … hey, sorry about that, u can enter and discover it .. That’s very amazing! p: hey, go go go!

Okay, good bye and good night.


Author: CNH


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