Tưa Nọn – Tai Nạn – Scariest Truck Accidents Ever

Scariest Truck Accidents Ever

Trucks are huge and that makes them more dangerous if accident happens. Here are the after effects.



  1. Vô Ưu Said:

    khủng khiếp quá, tai nạn ói hàng.

  2. those were some great pictures, unfortunately the trucks are so huge they have a harder time seeing vehicles that are smaller when they are so close… and the cranes were a driver error for trying to lift more than they were designed to lift… that makes them topple over under the heavy load… a lot of time the auto driver is going to fast for conditions like rain or fog, so they cant see the distance and they run up on traffic and it is too late to stop. most accidents could be avoided if people would slow down and make good choices, everyone is in a hurry, if you slow down you will live longer, lol.

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