Samorost 2 (Full Version) Adventure Game

Link chơi thử:

Một gam rất đáng để chơi 😀 (chống chĩ định với ai thiếu kiên nhẫn và kém thông minh 😀 )

Samorost 2 (Full Version)

((( Just 21 MB )))

In this sequel to the cult hit Samorost, the gnome travels to a far-off land to rescue his dog from an alien abduction. Your first task is to help reunite them. Once that problem’s solved, can you help the gnome and his faithful companion find their way home?
This adventure sequel features more of the same bizarre graphics and haunting music, with some simple point-and-click puzzles and a Flash-based interface.

This is a stand-alone version of Samorost 2, no web browser or internet connection required.

Samorost 2 was a winner in the 2006 FlashForward awards, in the Original Sound category.


Samorost 2 (Full Version)

Samorost 2 (Full Version)

Samorost 2 (Full Version)

Samorost 2 (Full Version)

Download: ( 21 MB)



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  1. B☼ Said:

    chơi cái này chơi sao???chơi như thế lào???

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